images and broken language.

like a prom dress made of carpet remanents.

please help if you can

Fun...in 3D!
If you have a pair of standard red/cyan 3D glasses, please enjoy the following pictures I made:


Killer Moth

That is all,

Ok. So, all of my paperwork for China is turned in. Now I just have to play the "wait for my visa" game.

June is so far away...

Created using voice recognition software
This voice recognition software stocks if played down not going to the 40 go down this is terrible that just typing those random graphs of overseeing the Boston and as a prime example of how poor this stuff for it uns can keep talking and see what things it says that when Zeiser was a room and opposing the Internet and see other arts at us now making up names and do all sorts of other strange things. What a piece of ship. I’m going to try as hard as I can to speak clearly hope that because that is the only way this software might work. If I sounded like a robot then maybe this would work better U.S. Know I said yes I said no but not know with Dick K just in no dictating really that’s what you thought I said OK in it something else entirely this is in it he quit the instant post this is it an eight he quit the instant posts? OK lets me talk slowly and clearly may be that will work better than my previous effort. Yes and! Wild and now that’s not what I said when you just adding in random words now Jesus this sucks. Voice recognition software is so should be I said she T Nakanishi T know SH IT T Y.


Municipal Daleks

By Me and Sami

You can be trying sometimes. You can be trying and I am quick to become impatient. You buzz around the house, bouncing from thought to thought. This is new. Or, rather, old, I guess. You used to be like this. Its why I fell for you in the first place. I need help sometimes. Most of the time, really. I mean, do I honestly seem like I've got it all together? I don't feel like I do. I feel like any day now I'll slip up and everything will come crashing down.

Sigh. I'm a mixed metaphor, as it turns out. But one with a point, I promise. As uphill a battle as it must sometimes feel, just remember that I love you. Things aren't perfect, and they probably won't ever be, but you are one of the greatest people I've ever known and my life is so much more important, so much more fulfilling, so much closer to the way it should be because of you.

I just thought I'd share. I love you, Dereck.


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thank you...

there we go. let's just end this.

i use wal-mart brand mouth rinse:


and while brushing my teeth tonight, I may have discovered the root of my dental problems...

DSCF1345(2) copy

hmm...i wouldn't call caramel an inactive ingredient...

a conspiracy of cats
it looks like the cats have stopped fighting and have formed a truce:

this will probably not end well for the humans of the house...


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